Lifesize, a division of Logitech

The revamped and refashioned logo of Lifesize indicates its desire to rebrand itself in the video collaboration circuit and bring in new innovations and technologies to better suit the needs of organizations and businesses today. Having brought in HD video conferencing nearly a decade ago, an introduction that changed the face of business communication, Lifesize has reinvented its video conferencing technologies to suit today’s need for easy, flexible and economical collaboration to ensure effective and efficient transfer of data and information within and among organizations. With “cloud” playing a predominant role in video collaborations in recent times, Lifesize has come up with the new “Lifesize Cloud” to bring the benefits of cloud into video conferencing.


Lifesize Cloud – A Spotlight

Lifesize cloud has been put forward as a “Software as a Service” offering and a cloud hosting system that serves to connect people using multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and usual conference rooms thus providing a straightforward and simple collaboration experience to its users. Eliminating the need for intricate and complex video conferencing methods and software installations that burn a great hole especially in the budgets of small organizations, Lifesize Cloud brings in an instant, economical video collaboration technology that does not essentially require the support of IT teams.

  • Multi device connectivity: Through the Lifesize Cloud App, video collaboration can be made available for multiple devices of the user’s choice like laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets or telephones. All one needs to do is connect through the Lifesize Icon room video system using the designated credentials. It also offers access to unrestricted number of guests which enables connectivity to individuals outside the organization as well.
  • Multiple communications potential: Scheduled or nonscheduled instant calls, group or private calls with easy access to company directory on all devices are some of the high points of Lifesize Cloud. It should be noted that, all this available at the click of a button.
  • Easy setup: Setting up and arranging for a virtual meeting through the Lifesize Cloud can be done with no intervention from the IT teams. The process to create 25 way HD video and audio calls and virtual meeting rooms has been simplified to avoid the need for the creation and management of bridging ports.
  • Affordability:  The entire platform is priced at $5199 per year for up to 25 user licenses / $25 per user every month. Lifesize offers flexible plans to accommodate organizations of various sizes with ample opportunities to scale up rapidly.

The requirement of today’s businesses is simple, quick, efficient and affordable technologies. Lifesize seems to have gauged this precisely. With its new cloud hosting multi-device system, Lifesize gives a new meaning to video collaboration. While licences are sold through their Worldwide partner networks, the 14 day free trial is available on

YouTube: Lifesize Cloud Product Tour