Today, many companies already use software solutions to manage the booking of meeting and conference rooms. But often the usage of such tools is limited to specific locations (corporate headquarters) or specific employee groups (assistants, secretaries).

Nevertheless, videoconference and Telepresence projects are usually subject to national and international requirements – and they are an enormous complex issue. Many companies experimented with Exchange/Outlook solutions in the past in order to realise the aspect of a “quick and easy booking“ for their employees – but generally without success.

As a result the subject “Booking“ is often not thematised anymore at the beginning of many video conference and Telepresence projects – and thus it is not part of concepts and project schedules.

It is only much later – when it comes to topics such as

“Efficiency“ and “Degree of utilisation“ and related to that ROI considerations – that the employee comes into the focus of the project groups again. Because the acceptance of the employees is deficient, because the booking of rooms and videoconference equipment is too complicated or depends on too many departments, because perhaps the work processes of the involved departments are not synchronised, because short-term modifications are not possible due to the volume of manual work steps ….

There are many reasons for insufficient acceptance values and thereby poor utilisation rates. But very often they are related to the topics “Booking“ and “Employee acceptance“.

But what is possible today – in 2014? Is there an “easy” software solution, which allows the employee to create bookings in the system? Which allows different booking concepts and workflows? Which enables a bi-directional connection to Cisco (formerly Tandberg) system components such as CTX or TMS? Which provides all the relevant work steps for a booking – up to the invitation of external locations or external participants? Which allows short-term modifications of conferences even if they have started already?

The answer is quite simple: YES – such a solution does exist.

The videoconference booking software raum]für[raum is a professional and easy solution with which the topic “Booking“ can be addressed from the beginning of the project and thus the customer can be offered a holistic solution.

Currently raum]für[raum is used in video conference/Telepresence projects for example by Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Systems and Allianz SE. A special benefit of the solution is the bi-directional connection to Cisco’s (Tandbergs) CTX / TMS, so that significant optimisation and cost saving potentials can be generated in video conference and Telepresence projects!

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