As technology keeps on progressing, industries are constantly adapting to a dynamic world. With the development of business at a faster rate, it is increasingly significant to execute improvements on projects. The fundamental key of effective project management lies in excellent communication specifically in conveying goals, updates and other information to the people/stakeholders involved.

In this New Media Age, collaboration tools such as email, instant messaging, audio conferences and video conferencing are the commonly used modes of communication. These integral tools can be utilized to get the job done on-time, in-scope and within budget. These constraints are commonly known as “triple constraints” or Project Management Triangle but with the addition of quality.

With numerous methods of communication, project that utilizes video conferencing are more likely to achieve completion while honoring the preconceived constraints. Video Conference is a valuable collaboration tool that aids project managers in streamlining the processes and get better results. Aside from helping PMs achieve the goals, there are several advantages of video conferencing in managing projects.

Travel Savings

On a quantifiable area, video conferencing reduces or even cuts travel time and expenses. With the constant increase of travel prices, smart organizations are keen in finding alternatives to overcome challenges in budget and time. Aside from reduction of travel costs, video conferencing also reduces travel risk.

Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Although nothing can replace meeting someone in person, a virtual interaction from different locations allows people to communicate with high productivity on a moment’s notice. This measures quality as this would lead to shorter and structured meetings, prevents delays, optimize attendance, immediate information exchange and faster response. Hence, project will also be within scope and time.

Improvement of Communication

A certain amount of body language and facial expressions are visible during video conference which are two of the important aspects of communication that are not seen in basic phone calls or instant messaging. This entails more interface at all levels and increased flexibility.

Multi-Point meetings across Time zones

With the challenge of differing time zones and locations, video conferencing demonstrates competitive advantage as it can bring in or join various people from different locations for a common discussion which is highly beneficial for a project.

Since effective project management is the hallmark of any organization, it needs to meet the demands of the competitive market. In this 21st century workforce, industries should (or must) take advantage of technology to ensure success in projects.

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