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They are out: Check out the new LifeSize Icon series video conferencing endpoints!

Gone are those days, when business was concentrated at a single location. This era witnesses the spread out of business, globally. Many businesses have their bases in in numerous countries of the world or in many cities across a country, so it is not possible to monitor the production team or any other unit of a company by making a physical presence. This calls for the extensively emerging need of ‘video conferencing’, which makes it easier for the business heads to visit all the units or conduct meetings worldwide, and finally, enjoy supper with the family. Doesn’t it feel contended? Of course, it does!


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Like it or not! Video conferencing is on a fast transitional phase. Now, it is about the best quality to have best business meetings. Companies are looking out for systems that provide seamless experience, which is easy to use, efficient and budget friendly.

Bearing all the factors in mind, LifeSize has come up with a newly designed system – the Icon series. LifeSize, a division of Logitech, has introduced this system that not only eliminates the cost, but also renders a system that can be used on the go, as soon as the system is installed, without any substantial training.

Colin Buechler, CEO of LifeSize, motioned that the interface of this system is easy to handle, as it doesn’t have too many buttons, to make the system complex to handle. According to him, cost and the system complexity are the two major reasons for any company to be away from the adoption of a video conferencing system and LifeSize has taken care of these factors, while developing its system.

According to LifeSize, Icon Series can be deployed with LifeSize UVC applications that make video conferencing more efficient and flexible. When a video conference is a concern, there are two major factors that are taken into consideration—image and audio quality. So, here is certain in-depth information regarding these two qualities:

High Definition Image

LifeSize cameras provide high definition image, with a wide angle of 70 degrees. The camera lens is empowered by up to 10x optical zoom. The camera supports the highest video performance available and delivers flawless 1080p60 for ultimate clarity and fluid motion.

High Definition Audio

High definition image doesn’t suffice the need of an efficient video conference, it requires having an echo free audio too. The built LifeSize Digital MicPod in the Icon series systems delivers a great feel of Telepresence , as it has an omnidirectional microphone with strong audio processing and delivering capability. Also, if you want to have a standalone environment, you can soon integrate LifeSize touch-screen phone into the system.

Now how much is that?

What are you waiting for? LifeSize Icon series has already arrived and is available at a starting price of 2,999 USD (depending on your region and selected features). Check out their homepage for more information and request a demo!

The LifeSize Icon Series Commercial

  • Alpha Rick

    I was hoping for a video conferencing manufacturer to deliver a h.265 (HEVC) based codec / endpoint this year. Maybe the next Icon will have it? Or maybe Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Radvision/Avaya will be first? The ITU agreed on it so … show us what you got! ;)

  • Jose

    Very good! I was wondering who will start the next generation of hardware codecs in telepresence business.

  • TPTechGirl

    We are disappointed with our Icon demo kit – we found it pretty much unusable from a customer perspective. Shame, we were hoping for a great new piece of kit from LifeSize. With UVC, it improves, but problems with scheduling & the inability to easily ad-hoc call was a major problem.

    • EmilyG

      Hi, I handle social media at LifeSize and I want to make sure you get the help you need. I’d love to put you in touch with a Product Manager so they can hear your feedback and make sure it’s configured correctly. The product is designed to make video conferencing simple and intuitive, so if that is not what you are experiencing, we’d love to talk to you more. If you email your contact info to social@lifesize.com we will get someone in touch with you ASAP. Thanks so much. Have a good weekend.

    • EmilyG

      Hi there, wanted to follow up. Haven’t heard from you but I hope you’ll get in touch. Have a good weekend!

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