Poll: Standard Term for Telepresence

March 12, 2013 by Christopher Isak 3 Comments »

As our previous article about Telepresence terminology and differentiation is permanently receiving a fair amount of interested readers, we wanted to give the opportunity for a poll around this matter. Considering the current and near-future market of visual communication, what do you think will the standard term be?

I would be delighted to hear your opinion about this and we will make sure to publish the final results. Make sure to sign up for Telepresence24 updates, by entering your email address into the form on the right side.


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  • Evan

    I guess video conferencing as a term will remain until visual communication is completely replaced by a technology that is yet to be developed.Telepresence has a purpose but the marketing overkill and the confusion about immersive and non-immersive solutions will most likely lead to it being abandoned at some point (except for Cisco who think they invented the name by bluntly naming everything near video communication “TelePresence”).
    This is just my humble opinion and does not reflect any organisation or enterprise of any kind.

  • Joey

    Wow Telepresence so far behind???

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