We would like to welcome you on the Telepresence24.com blog, with articles about unified communications and collaboration in its full spectrum. We are independent from manufacturers, developers and service providers alike and therefore have a strong relationship with our audience for showing the things how we see them. In that culture naturally we love to hear your opinion as well and would be pleased to have a discussion with you in the comment section, which can be found below every article.

About our Logo

Creating a logo is not a trivial task, most of you know that. We decided not to develop the logo before the blog has been alive and running for a few months, to include all the experiences we have made on the way. Also we wanted to design a logo that looks appealing without using too complex shapes. That being said I am very happy to confess: Yes, our logo was drafted with the complexity of only 3 square shapes. The arrows going up and down reflect the unified communications market and technologies and how every new break-through has its life-cycle. We hope you like it!

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Telepresence24.com provides you with the latest news and trends related to unified communications, cloud videoconferencing and business communication. Our experts are highly motivated to keep you up to date and we welcome guest bloggers as well as we welcome our readers sharing our content in your favorite social media platforms.

Great to have you here!

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