Shanghai, Frankfurt or Chicago: Global teams meet each other in person only occasionally. Many staff members work from different locations. To enable collaboration, remote solutions need to be used.

Meetings with dispersed participants can be challenging. Solutions that help meetings function as if all participants are in the same room, significantly determine how far you can avoid misunderstandings and achieve your business goals.

Companies are increasingly using audio and video conferencing for professional collaboration. Some of them even go one step further and share their desktops allowing the team to view PowerPoint, Excel and other files. Regardless of high-quality equipment, remote meetings can end up being more or less passive in nature. What’s the reason for this? There is something missing, which plays an essential role in traditional face-to-face meetings; the ability for everyone to be engaged in the process of developing ideas and content by collaborating and writing on one common surface.


This visual aspect to virtual meetings increases productivity and leads to better results.

Imagine if the Product Manager in Shanghai annotates on a document someone shared on a screen. He presents an idea and quickly drafts a chart. His peer from Frankfurt picks up the idea adds some remarks in hand writing and explains via video which barriers need to be overcome to successfully implement the idea. Without long explanations and sending files back and forth, everybody immediately understands the ideas their colleagues are presenting. The visually edited document can be sent with a single click and becomes a working file that reflects the team’s collaborative work.

In the fourth dimension of collaboration teams are surpassing what they would normally achieve in a dispersed collaboration environment. All participants experience being an integral part of the meeting, just as if they were all on-site. Interacting with ideas, strategies and concepts from no matter where you are highly encourages teamwork and reveals aspects which otherwise would not have become visible. This kind of active engagement and rich interactivity leads to effective meetings, that inspire a new level of collaboration.

Kerstin Fischer, SMART Technologies, Autorin, Social Media, Manager

Kerstin Fischer


About the Author

Kerstin Fischer is Social Media Manager at SMART Technologies. SMART Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Collaboration Solutions. A simplified approach to audio and visuals is completed with the addition of interactive content creation with digital ink. This kind of visual collaboration aids the productivity of meetings and leads to better results.